Britain's first ever free local newspaper company

  • Bullivant Media Ltd

A wealth of industry experienceproducing free, quality local newspapers, magazines and online news

Back in 1970 Chris and Pat Bullivant launched Britain’s first ever free local newspaper The Banbury Focus. In 1984, they made history again by launching the country’s first free daily title The Daily News in Birmingham. (Source).

With a wealth of industry experience to call on having launched over 70 papers within the last four decades, Observer Standard was launched in 1989 and then Bullivant Media (including Magazine and Design divisions) were launched in 2005.

The company’s mission is to produce quality, free local newspapers, magazines and online news resources that generate high readership figures by delivering unrivalled coverage of local news with local and national advertisers.

Today, Bullivant Media is proud of being a family owned and run leading weekly regional news group across Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. With 19 titles / editions across these affluent areas, we are currently the 12th largest publishing company in the UK and have won many awards for our titles.

We offer a unique opportunity to reach some of the UK’s most densely populated AB areas – over 316,895 homes every week, equating to 475,340 readers every week in print and thousands more online.

In addition to regional newspapers we also publish high quality magazines and websites, and offer a bespoke design service (print and web design) along with a leaflet and brochure distribution service.

Bullivant Media has always been a family run business, with the aim of supplying our readers with comprehensive local information, and our advertisers with an unrivalled, personal service. Throughout our growth, we have ensured our editors are the most skilled and our sales teams the most experienced, enabling us to provide quality titles, and attention to detail, unmatched by any other local title. We are very proud to serve our local communities and look forward to welcoming you into the Bullivant family business.

– Chris Bullivant

Philanthropic Missions

Bullivant Media also serves as an advocate for many social and environmental causes both locally, nationally and internationally.

Whether its campaigning to keep a local hospital open or helping home an abandoned animal in one of our towns, we are always at the forefront of each local community issue.

However, through our campaigns, our readers have also helped build schools in Kenya, a hospital in Zambia and set up Bee Cooperatives for the widows in war-torn Uganda. This is an amazing initiative where the local Ugandan women are given and taught to care for bee hives so they can harvest and sell the honey.

Currently we are working with the Acts of Kindness Collective, one of the first volunteer led organisations to distribute much needed aid to some of the worst hit areas of Nepal after the massive 2015 earthquakes. Our mission is to provide permanent classrooms for schools as well as permanent shelter for families still displaced by the disaster. If you would like to get involved, please contact Claire Bullivant.

As a company it’s important for us to make this world a better place. That’s why we also insist on all our newspapers be printed on 100% recycled fibre.

CN Newsprint uses 100% recycled fibre within its newsprint for production of all Bullivant Media titles.