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When William Webb-Ellis picked up the ball, during a football match at Rugby School in 1823, and ran with it he not only laid claim to the invention of the game of rugby football. He also put the market town on the world map.

The town has recently been the focus of global attention as England hosted the Rugby World Cup, and the town has been granted Proud Home of the Game in recognition of it being the birthplace of the sport.

Rugby also has a proud literary tradition, including Tom Brown’s Schooldays penned by Thomas Hughes, and based on his days at Rugby school, and poet Rupert Brooke, responsible for The Soldier, one of the most famous poems of the First World War.

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The town itself is much more than just a game or words on a page, as we know only too well having been reporting on day to day life in Rugby for more than two decades. We know what matters to the people of Rugby borough, and we strive to ensure we give them the best news service we can every week of the year.

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