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Our prose may not exactly be Shakespearean, but just as Shakespeare presented his characters for the enjoyment of others, we have been honoured to report on the lives and goings-on in the district for the benefit of our readers for over 20 years - something we plan to continue to do for a long time to come.

Stratford-on-Avon to people around the world and the instant reaction is ‘Shakespeare’. The market town on the banks of the Avon is never going to be able to escape the shadow of one of the most famous people who have ever lived – and nor does it want to.

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But there is more to Stratford than the Bard. It is a busy and bustling town, which while proud of its heritage, has plenty more to shout about, and the Observer has been the voice of townspeople and the surrounding area for over two decades.

CN Newsprint uses 100% recycled fibre within its newsprint for production of The Stratford Observer


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